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In Quarantine With Steve Bodow

“What to my people is the fourth of July?” — Idris Goodwin & Adam Mansbach

Two creators, one Black and one white, of a biting new BLM video – inspired by Frederick Douglass’s best-known speech and performed by Daveed Diggs – discuss their collaboration, how an 1852 speech matters so much right now, and why “white privilege” doesn’t go far enough.

Season 2 Episode 2

Kasher vs. Kasher

Losing Track of Time

Quarantine time is weird: What day is it? How long have we been inside? How long will this last? This week we discuss how the various cycles of Jewish Time can be anchoring forces for those of us who are feeling adrift.

Season 1 Episode 4


“I’ve got a thing for Schmucks”

For the season finale, Jessie chats with Lillian, a spitfire from Dallas, Texas. The two discuss whether or not to reach out to your ex during Quarantine. Jessie gets hit on while wearing a face mask and discovers the meaning of life.

Season 1 Episode 6