High Holiday Resource Guide

The Jewish High Holidays are meant to be a radical time. Set against the backdrop of our mortality, these Days of Awe are designed to crack open our hearts, allowing us to address the pressing needs of our lives, communities and the world.As you begin to plan for this thoughtful time of year, Reboot has curated offerings from our work that we feel capture the themes of this moment. From grief and loss to democracy and human rights, from Sarah and Hagar to Kol Nidre and Ashamnu, the interactive material is grounded in our collective Jewish stories and traditions while encompassing our shared universal themes. Like everything Reboot does, the materials are designed to complement or supplement your traditional holiday experiences, helping you to personalize your High Holiday and spark meaningful conversations and actions.

The materials you can download include:

  • Video Playlist: Contains a selection of video highlights from our 2020 Higher Holiday collaboration with Hillel International.
  • Forgiveness: Spoken word poetry interrogating the Jewish community’s collective grappling with the pandemics of COVID-19 and racism from filmmaker, poet and Blavity co-founder Aaron Samuels. 
  • 10Q: Our digital platform for self-reflection comes to life with resources for partners and communities to engage in collective conversation.
  • The Survivor: Dig into the themes of PTSD and impossible ethical choices in HBO’s Emmy-nominated film, The Survivor.
  • Tashlique: Cast your sins away with our guide for this experiential ritual and reflect on the year you envision ahead.
  • Reboot Ideas: A playlist of our curated conversations relevant for the holiday season, each aiming to evolve the Jewish experience and transforming society.
  • Death Over Dinner: Jewish Edition: Transforming this potentially difficult conversation into one of deep engagement, insight and empowerment that everyone can be a part of.
  • Six Word Memoirs: For the High Holidays, Reboot has created several Six-Word Memoir prompts to help you reflect on the New Year.

Download the Resource Guide