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Reboot Studios will provide seed investments to develop new inspirational and transformational Jewish content. Driven by the belief that art influences our world, enriches our lives and has the power to educate, inspire, create movements and change the way we think, Reboot Studios will tell stories through a Jewish lens about the shared human experience. Learn more here.

Sloane Crosley’s fifth book and second novel, Cult Classic, is a mysterious comedy, bringing metaphysics, modern love and mind control to New York City’s Lower East Side. Andrew Goldberg is a writer, producer and co-creator of Netflix’s Big Mouth, which teems with hormone monsters, pre-teen angst, and Bat Mitzvah drama. These two writers (who graduated high school together) can trace their origins to the suburbs of New York and many of their stories to their suburban Jewish upbringings. The two joined Reboot Ideas for a discussion of comedy, cultural irreverence and the ways in which personal identity creeps into public art. The conversation was held in Person at The Wyman Bar at Neuehouse Bradbury in Downtown Los Angeles June 29. The recording will be available here shortly.


I Am Not What I Am

From William DeMeritt, a short documentary of interviews with Jews of Color on poignant life stories of negotiating the complicated boundaries of identity when society often seeks to pit said identities against one another. Featuring: William DeMeritt, Nemuna Ceesay, Noah Keyishian, Juliana Aiden Martinez, and Connie Shi. It is one of the highlights of Reboot’s past DAWN celebrations with music, film, comedy, dance, food, teaching and more. Watch here.

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Reboot envisions powerful creative arts and cultural experiences – drawn from the rich treasures of Judaism – transforming, inspiring and rekindling Jewish connections and meaning in our day-to-day lives.

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