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The Anne Frank Gift Shop

Is there a wrong way to talk about the Holocaust? That’s the question at the heart of “The Anne Frank Gift Shop,” a dark comedy short about antisemitism that packs a vital and timely message. The film was shortlisted for the best live action short category for the 96th Academy Awards! When a high-end design firm presents its plans to reimagine the gift shop at The Anne Frank House, the company’s overt appeal to Generation Z sparks a debate about collective trauma, the Holocaust—and tote bags. Mickey Rapkin, whose best selling book was the basis for the Pitch Perfect film and television franchise, partnered with Reboot Studios, which funded the project as a part of its inaugural class of studio investments in 2022. Learn more on our site here.

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Breaking Home Ties

Back on the big screen after 100+ years, the only surviving print of Breaking Home Ties will be shown at the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival with the world premiere of a new original score produced by Reboot Studios with legendary artists Steve Berlin, Mocean Worker, Scott Amendola and more! Breaking Home Ties, released for general audiences in 1922, was directed by Jewish filmmakers Frank N. Seltzer and George K. Rowlands with the express purpose of countering escalating antisemitism in the US. Featuring sympathetic Jewish lead characters, the film is a rare example from early cinema that explicitly depicts Jewish life and rituals. Long thought lost, the world’s only surviving print of Breaking Home Ties was rescued, restored and re-released by The National Center for Jewish Film. The new recorded score will premiere with the film on February 15, 2024 at the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival. Details and more here.

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Just the Tip

TRAILER NOW SHOWING! As a female filmmaker, the topic of male circumcision is not something Jessie Kahnweiler ever thought she’d be interested in, and as a Jew, she just assumed she would circumcise her child if she had a boy. But then she fell in love with a goy (a guy who is not Jewish) and the issue came up. Circumcision of male babies in a ritual called a Bris is an important tradition for many Jews who see it as a connection to past generations. But, Kahnweiler’s boyfriend did not see it as a foregone conclusion that they would do it. 

That’s the issue at the heart of Just The Tip, the new provocative comedy from Reboot Studios and comedian Jessie Kahnweiler that takes on the controversial topic. Learn more about Just The Tip here.

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