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With winter’s longer and darker days, the Hanukkah ritual of lighting candles provides the much-needed opportunity to pause and shine fresh light on how we choose to spend our time and what needs our attention. In that spirit, Reboot has put together quick bits of things to read, watch and listen to to help illuminate the hidden corners and give you new paths to forge ahead. Like everything Reboot does, this collection of content can easily complement or supplement your traditional holiday experiences, to personalize how you embrace this holiday season. Download here.

Launching in December: Dig into bloody murders, rioting mothers, anarchist parties and pseudoscience –  everything you never learned in Hebrew school and that your Rabbi still doesn’t want you to know. Dr. Eddy Portnoy, academic advisor for the Max Weinreich Center and Exhibition Curator at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, Dr. Tony Michels, professor of Jewish American History at UW Madison, and Jessica Chaffin, writer, comedian and host of the popular podcast Ask Ronna join up on the Jewish Bizarre Podcast to discuss the strangest corners of Jewish history. Learn more here.

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Little Dreydl

As the nights get longer and days get brisker, the feeling of the holidays descends upon us. And with all holidays come the traditions, reflections, smells, sights and sounds that uplift the season, help us greet the familiar time of year. Reboot Records and musician Jeremiah Lockwood present a Chanukah record that is sure to become a standard in holiday’s lexicon. Enjoy the music video of Little Dreydl from A Great Miracle: Jeremiah Lockwood’s Guitar Soli Chanukah Album. Learn more and stream the album.

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