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High Holiday Resource Guide

High Holidays 5783 begins sundown September 25, 2022, an autumn on the heels of what has been an emotional and trying year.  We as Jews have an ancient ritual that gives us the opportunity to pause and reflect. As you begin to plan for this thoughtful time of year, Reboot has curated offerings from our work that we feel capture the themes of this moment. From grief and loss to democracy and human rights, from Sarah and Hagar to Kol Nidre and Ashamnu, the interactive material is grounded in our collective Jewish stories and traditions while encompassing our shared universal themes. Download here.

Reboot Studios: Providing Funding and Creative Support for Fresh and Imaginative Film, Multimedia and Art Projects.

Reboot Studios will provide seed investments to develop new inspirational and transformational Jewish content. Driven by the belief that art influences our world, enriches our lives and has the power to educate, inspire, create movements and change the way we think, Reboot Studios will tell stories through a Jewish lens about the shared human experience. Learn more here.

Reboot Ideas

Reboot Ideas Presents: Tech, Hate and Web 3.0 with Laurie Segall and Aza Raskin

Welcome to Web3, the decentralized internet built on the utopian promises of open access and ownership of technology, currency and power. But we wonder if we as Jews and as citizens of the planet are prepared for Web3’s implications and unintended consequences in both digital and physical spaces. Reboot Ideas invited our technology experts, award-winning journalist Laurie Segall and tech entrepreneur and artist Aza Raskin, to decipher this critical platform, its seemingly secret corners, how it is informing and transforming our lives and how it might impact our interactions. Watch here.

Reboot Network

As a premier research and development platform in the Jewish world, Reboot touches lives by engaging a talented community of creatives to design, produce and share with the world enticing, imaginative, memorable and experiential projects and programs that are relevant for the 21st century.

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Reboot envisions powerful creative arts and cultural experiences – drawn from the rich treasures of Judaism – transforming, inspiring and rekindling Jewish connections and meaning in our day-to-day lives.

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More than 1,250 organizations have partnered with Reboot to find new pathways into Jewish ideas and rituals. We believe in the idea of providing “tools and not rules” and all of our projects are adaptable to be authentic to your community.