Too often the fights for equity and justice ignite surprising and new altercations. Why are long-held allies fracturing? What are we not seeing? With Eric K. Ward, nationally recognized expert on authoritarian movements, and movement pioneer, Ilyse Hogue, Reboot Ideas illuminated the cracks where white supremacy, antisemitism and misogyny jeopardize our social fabric and help shape the multiracial, inclusive democracy that we strive for. This conversation was introduced by Reboot board member and strategy consultant, Brina Milikowsky. Watch here.

New Framing for a Changing World

Reboot is an arts and culture nonprofit that reimagines, reinvents and reinforces Jewish thought and traditions. By working with the greatest creatives and thinkers of our day, we bring our centuries-old rituals and stories to you in a modern way. Learn more about how we are Rebooting Jewish life here and see the latest Reboot work here.


The Golem Rescored

Magic and Mystics

In this episode, scored by Threshing Floor, we explore the themes of magic and mystics, Jewish folklore, Talmud and philosophy with Dr. Justin Sledge, a professor of philosophy and religion in the Metro-Detroit area. He looks at the mystical spiritual leader Judah Loew ben Bezalel or “Rabbi Lowe” in The Golem film, who, in an effort to protect his people and avoid their expulsion, creates a massive warrior out of clay, using magic to bring him to life. Watch here.

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Reboot envisions powerful creative arts and cultural experiences – drawn from the rich treasures of Judaism – transforming, inspiring and rekindling Jewish connections and meaning in our day-to-day lives.

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