Reboot Presents: Replay

Get a taste of our podcasts through the new Reboot Presents channel with our Replay special feature. Visit our favorite episodes of podcasts past. Every two weeks we will release a favorite episode from our podcast archives, each offering a humorous and insightful guide to Jewish ideas and culture. Previous podcasts include The Kibitz, Kasher v. Kasher, Closening, and In Quarantine with Steve Bodow. Subscribe now to catch them all and be the first to know about our upcoming series launches happening in 2023. 

Season 1 Episode 4

Replay: In Quarantine – Cory Booker’s Sure He’s My Most Difficult Podcast Interview

On the heels of President’s Day, we jump back to Season 2 Episode 3 of the In Quarantine with Steve Bodow podcast originally aired in August 2020. New Jersey senator, Cory Booker, talks with Steve Bodow on “In Quarantine” about Kamala Harris’ ascent, the future of the racial justice movement, and which medical procedure most resembles getting vetted for the vice presidency. Listen here

Season 1 Episode 3

Replay: The Kibitz – Love

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we are revisiting Season 1, Episode 3 of The Kibitz podcast, originally aired in February 2016. Host Dan Crane asks, “What is love, anyway?” Howard Jones didn’t know back in 1983, and Jews have pondered the same question as far back as Jacob and Rachel. Join Crane on a journey into the heart of what makes our hearts aflutter. Featuring guests: Mishy Harman (Israel Story), Rabbi David Kasher, Moshe Kasher, Janice “Nanna” Lubin (Dan’s 95 years young nanna), Larry Smith, Joel Stein and Jeff Goldblum playing some Valentine’s Day Jazz. Listen now

Season 1 Episode 2

Replay: In Quarantine – Ronny Chieng Would Try Parking Garage Standup At This Point

To mark Chinese New Year, we are revisiting Season 2 Episode 6 of the In Quarantine with Steve Bodow podcast originally aired in September 2020. After five months quarantined in Sydney, the Daily Show correspondent Ronny Chieng tells host Steve Bodow about returning to NYC, why Australia kicked our Corona response ass, and what Chinese New Year can teach Rosh Hashanah. (It’s dragons. The answer is dragons.) Produced during the pandemic lockdown with 14-time Emmy-winning former Daily Show executive producer Steve Bodow, In Quarantine is about how creative people are living, personally and professionally in this very weird time. Listen here!

Season 1 Episode 1

Replay: The Kibitz – Transitions

To ring in 2023, we are revisiting Season 1 Episode 2 of The Kibitz Podcast, originally aired in January of 2016. In this episode, host Dan Crane focuses on transitions, religious and gender fluidity and what being a Jew means at B-Mitzvah age and now. Featuring guests: Zackary Drucker and Micah Fitzerman-Blue (Transparent), Christopher Noxon, Mishy Harman (Israel Story), an installment of Kasher vs Kasher, and some jokes from Dan’s nana. The Kibitz is a hilarious and insightful guide to Jewish ideas and culture.