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November 16, 2022

Reboot Hanukkah Resource Guide

Lighting the Darkness

With winter’s longer and darker days, the Hanukkah ritual of lighting candles provides the much-needed opportunity to pause and shine fresh light on how we choose to spend our time and what needs our attention. In that spirit, Reboot has put together quick bits of things to read, watch and listen to that help illuminate the hidden corners and give you new paths to forge ahead.

From Give Light and Jeremiah Lockwood’s solo Chanukah album to eight nights of reflections on everything from science to Kung Pao Latkes (plus a very special set of Six Word Memoirs), our easy to share Hanukkah  material is both rooted in Jewish stories and is inclusive and encompasses shared universal themes. Like everything Reboot does, this collection of content can easily complement or supplement your traditional holiday experiences to personalize how you embrace this holiday season.

Download the Resource Guide below: