Vanessa Hidary Hebrew Mamita

What does a Sugar-Hill-Gang-era, hip-hop loving, Jewish girl, first time Mom from the old Upper West Side have in common with a gluttonous, Pit Bull-adoring, gay, Greek/ El Salvadoran (who everyone thinks is Puerto Rican) puto from Great Neck? Find out in our blog from Vanessa Hidary about her show “A Gay And A Jew Walk Into A Bar.” The show digs further into the topic of identity that Hidary has long explored. Her poem, “The Hebrew Mamita,” went viral in 2003, garnering more than a half a million YouTube hits and igniting widespread discussion among Jews and non Jews alike on the subject of identity. Read the blog here and get tickets here for the afternoon of storytelling at the Triad Theater with Vanessa Hidary & Rob Vassilarakis.

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