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Reboot Ideas: Can We Talk About Israel?

In his highly-anticipated book, Can We Talk About Israel? Daniel Sokatch breaks down the hot button issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that are tearing up dinner tables, political parties and college campuses. Sokatch sat down with homeland security expert and Harvard Kennedy School professor, Juliette Kayyem for a frank discussion about the conflict and how we might move forward with the humanity and imagination this moment requires. Watch the replay here.

What Would You Bring

John Hajdu

When the Nazis forced his family out of their home and into the Budapest Ghetto, 7-year-old John Hajdu took his teddy bear with him. John’s beloved toy accompanied him as he survived Nazi occupation, lived through the Hungarian Revolution in 1956, escaped to Austria and made a new life for himself in London. His story is brought to life by filmmakers Christopher Noxon and Rebecca Odes.

Coming of Age - Detroit

Coming of Age: Detroit – Sherman’s March to the Promised Land

In this episode of the award winning digital series Coming of Age from Silver Screen Studios and Reboot, Fisher family scion and matriarch Jane Sherman previews seminal moments that strengthened and deepened her Jewish identity throughout her life and offers insights into the Detroit Jewish community’s steadfast commitment to the State of Israel.

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