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Dispatches from Quarantine

Dispatches From Quarantine: Carl Reiner

Reboot’s Dispatches From Quarantine captured the last interview with Carl Reiner, allowing the world to get a final look into the life of an extraordinary and kind man before his passing in 2020 at age 98. The creator of The Dick Van Dyke Show reflected on mortality, faith and god and told some amazing jokes. 


Season 1 Episode 3

Reboot Ideas Conversations

Reboot Ideas: The Future Perceived, The Future Manifested

Laurie Segall (60 Minutes) and Aza Raskin (The Social Dilemma) discuss the ever-changing landscape of technology and social media, and the ways in which they affect our perceptions of the future, and thus the future itself.

What Would You Bring

John Hajdu

When the Nazis forced his family out of their home and into the Budapest Ghetto, 7-year-old John Hajdu took his teddy bear with him. John’s beloved toy accompanied him as he survived Nazi occupation, lived through the Hungarian Revolution in 1956, escaped to Austria and made a new life for himself in London. His story is brought to life by filmmakers Christopher Noxon and Rebecca Odes.