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reBar: Rewind to 13. Fast Forward to Today.¬†reBar opens and creates a space for individuals, and then families and communities, to explore and reflect upon their B-Mitzvah (that’s Bar and Bat) experiences as an evolving part of life

Redo your B-Mitzvah speech or candle lighting ceremony. Relearn your weekly Torah portion. Or invite your friends to share their B-Mitzvah stories together. Not sure how to start? Our DIY toolkit and reBar worksheet help you begin the process. You can reBar solo or in a group, in interfaith families and with Jews by choice. Didn’t have a B-Mitzvah? That’s OK, reflect on what you would have done or throw yourself the B-Mitzvah you wish you’d had.

Why reBar? We were 13 when we made our B-Mitzvah commitments…let’s see if they apply today and make commitments for the future.

Learn more www.rebarproject.org

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Legacy Projects