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National Day of Unplugging

The National Day of Unplugging (NDU) is an annual 24-hour period, running from sundown to sundown, of observing a communal digital detox. A project created by Reboot, the NDU is an outgrowth of the Sabbath Manifesto, an adaption of our ancestors’ ritual of carving out one day per week to unwind, unplug, relax, reflect, get outdoors, and connect with loved ones. The NDU provides an opportunity for diverse individuals, communities and organizations to join around the common thread of disconnecting from our devices to connect with those things that are truly important in our lives.

The NDU is now a project of Unplug Collaborative, a non-profit, membership organization formed in February 2020. Learn more about Unplug Collaborative here.

For the last decade, the NDU campaign has continued to grow at an impressive rate. To date, there are more than 135,000 people who have participated in events hosted by over 1,000 schools, religious institutions and businesses worldwide.

The National Day of Unplugging would not have been possible without the creative spirit and dedication of Dan Rollman, founder of Sabbath Manifesto, and Jessica Tully, the artist who designed the Cell Phone Sleeping Bag!

Featured Image: Children and Adults Holding Signs that Say I Unplug To

Legacy Projects


Dan Rollman

Creator of The Sabbath Manifesto

Dan Rollman is co-founder and CEO of RecordSetter, a digital media company showcasing the best in human achievement. The New Yorker says it’s “to the Guinness World Records as Wikipedia is to the Encyclopedia Britannica.” RecordSetter’s video library hosts over 46,000 world records submitted from 100 countries worldwide. Prior to RecordSetter, Dan was an Emmy Award-winning copywriter and creative director, with two Super Bowl commercials (Pepsi, Emerald Nuts) to his credit. He’s developed and produced national and global brand campaigns for the likes of Comcast, HP, General Motors and the NBA. Dan interned at Late Night With Conan O’Brien in 1995, filling in as Conan’s assistant and appearing in multiple comedy sketches. He also had a small speaking role in Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut (1999), receiving credit as “Rowdy College Kid.” He is creator of The Sabbath Manifesto, a project designed to carve out a weekly unplug within our increasingly digital lives. The Manifesto has sparked dialogue and action across religious communities worldwide, and been covered by CNN, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.