Digital Series

The Golem Rescored

Featuring new scores by: Threshing Floor (Alan Licht, Gretchen Gonzales Davidson, Rebecca Odes, John Olson, Nate Young) / Meg Baird, Charlie Saufley and Jeremiah Lockwood / Universal Eyes (members of Slumber Party and Wolf Eyes) / Michael Morley / Sharon Gal / Marika Hughes and Shahzad Ismaily / ∈Y∋ / Scott Amendola, Steven Drozd and Steve Berlin

2021 is the 100th year anniversary of the theatrical release of The Golem, the Jewish Frankenstein, a film that not only directly inspired many moments of the Boris Karloff Frankenstein film, but also helped create one of the most well known Jewish fables about the occult and about the dark shadows that hide some of the most profound Jewish ideas.  

To celebrate this anniversary, Reboot is cutting up the Golem film into eight parts, creating an episodic series with new scores by renowned musicians and hosted by preeminent scholars, composers and film historians discussing the significance of the film and its music and taking a deep dive into the Jewish history, occultism, Hollywoodism, traditions and astrology.

Hosts: John K Bucher and Torri Yates-Orr

Commentary from guests including: Kate Scelsa, Maya Barzilai, Ken Goldberg, Jeremiah Lockwood, Justin Sledge, Mitch Horowitz, Riva Lehrer and Ina Archer.

Coming October 28 – stay up to date about the launch via the form below!

The Golem Rescored: Teaser

A clip from Episode 2 of The Golem Rescored, with a score by a trio featuring Sway Machinery’s Jeremiah Lockwood, a student of Jewish Mysticism and the blues along with Meg Baird, a chanteuse formerly of the band Espers, and her longtime collaborator guitarist Charlie Saufley, both of whom are in Heron Oblivion.