What Would You Bring? is an online exhibition where you can discover refugee stories told through the lens of the objects they brought with them. 

For World Refugee Day 2021, we’re thrilled to share some familiar stories told in unexpected ways. Experience the journey of a doll, a bear, some teacups and more, each brought to life by a group of remarkable artists – and learn about the extraordinary people they belong to.

The first phase of the exhibit explores the stories of six Jewish refugees who fled from various countries throughout recent history.

“What Would You Bring?” is a Reboot production created and produced by Juliet Simmons with Noam Dromi. Reboot CEO David Katznelson is Executive Producer.

Learn more about Juliet’s inspiration for creating the project here.


Juliet Simmons

Creator - What Would You Bring?

Juliet Simmons is a Creative Producer with a background in marketing and event production. Based in London, she has worked with blue-chip clients around the world and now works across the creative industries with arts organisations and not for profits to help them make good things happen. She volunteers for a centre for refugees and asylum seekers and is a trustee of the Wellspring Project.

Her grandfather was a refugee, moving from Vienna to London before the Second World War, and she often wonders what he did bring with him on that journey.


Noam Dromi

Managing Director - Reboot Studios