The Golem Rescored

Music and the Monster

Episode 2

October 28, 2021

Music artist overview: This episode is scored by a trio featuring Sway Machinery’s Jeremiah Lockwood, a student of Jewish Mysticism and the blues along with Meg Baird, a chanteuse formerly of the band Espers, and her longtime collaborator guitarist Charlie Saufley, both of whom are in Heron Oblivion. 

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Margaret Baird & Charlie Saufley

Musicians, collaborators, composers, producers

Meg Baird & Charlie Saufley are songwriters, composers, and performers with deep roots in folk and underground music. In addition to their respective work with Espers, Meg Baird & Mary Lattimore duo, and Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound, the two musicians also collaborated in the critically acclaimed rock ensemble Heron Oblivion (SubPop) and on Meg’s recent LP’s under her own name (Drag City).


Jeremiah Lockwood


Jeremiah Lockwood is a scholar and a storyteller; a singer, guitarist and composer with an expansive knowledge of musical traditions and techniques that stretch from the Piedmont blues to the cantorial synagogues of his youth. His work engages with issues arising from peering into the archive and imagining the power of “lost” forms of expression to articulate keenly felt needs in the present. As noted above, his music career began with over a decade of apprenticeship to Carolina Slim, playing in the subways of New York City, and he also trained under his grandfather Cantor Jacob Konigsberg. Lockwood’s band, the Sway Machinery, seeks inspiration from diverse realms of experience related to the cultural geography of New York City. Lockwood received his PhD from the Stanford University Graduate School of Education Concentration in Jewish Studies in 2021.