Rachel Berger – Designing to Raise up Women

March 28, 2022

“As a design professor, I feel fortunate to have many inspiring female role models, colleagues, and students. However, when I look across my field, at who holds top roles in companies, agencies, and cultural institutions, there is still a significant gender gap to be overcome. It is crucial for everyone in creative leadership to mentor women and others who are underrepresented in our field.”
– Rachel Berger

Rachel Berger Women's History Month

Please join us in honoring Reboot Network member Rachel Berger during Women’s History Month.

Rachel Berger is a designer in California. Her work investigates the relationship between design and culture through writing, self-initiated projects, and freelance work with non-profit organizations. In 2021, Berger received a Berkeley Civic Arts Commission grant to work with middle school students to explore the past, present, and possible futures for the city of Berkeley. Her recent project, “Shooter Box,” a multi-disciplinary investigation of the U.S. military’s use of Microsoft Xbox controllers as battle equipment, was featured in Forbes and Boing Boing. Berger’s book “A Toolkit for Gathering” was published by Art Practical in 2020. Berger’s writing on design, culture, and education has been published by MIT Press, Bloomsbury, and Chronicle Books. She is Chair and Associate Professor of Graphic Design at California College of the Arts. Find out more at