Rebecca Soffer – Moving Through Loss With Resilience

March 17, 2022

“My mom, Shelby, was always formally involved in promoting women’s issues. In 1992, she took me along on a busload of women and girls to march from the White House to the Mall in support of reproductive rights, when a key Supreme Court case hung in the balance. She actively worked with NARAL, NOW, and the League of Women Voters, and brought me to so many of their events to help dole out “I voted!” stickers, or whatnot. She took every available opportunity to underscore to me that even if I, in particular, enjoyed certain rights as a female, it didn’t mean that every other female in the world enjoyed those same rights, or access to them. And so while I don’t consider myself that influential in the greater scheme of things, I look at her as an enormous influence on my own life, and do what I can in hopes that I can make an impact on someone else’s, if even just by showing and speaking up.”
– Rebecca Soffer

Rebecca Soffer is the founder of Modern Loss, featured by Reboot for Women's History Month

Rebecca Soffer moderated a Reboot Ideas Conversation with the creators of the acclaimed Saturday Night Seder. 

Join us in honoring Reboot Network member Rebecca Soffer during Women’s History Month.

Rebecca Soffer is cofounder of Modern Loss, which offers creative, meaningful and encouraging content and community addressing the long arc of grief. She is also coauthor of the book “Modern Loss: Candid Conversation About Grief. Beginners Welcome” and the author of the forthcoming “The Modern Loss Handbook: An Interactive Guide to Moving Through Loss and Building Your Resilience,” (May, 2022). She has been featured across media, including on CBS Sunday Morning, The New York Times, NPR, and NY1, and spoken nationally on loss and resilience at Chicago Ideas Week, HBO, and Amazon. Rebecca is a former producer for The Colbert Report and a Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism alumna. Find out more at

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