Rebecca Orlov – Expressing a Collective Female Voice

March 24, 2022

“I work in a creative field as the founder of Epic Playdate, a creative web design and marketing studio, and am a former 15-year ad agency producer. Being a woman means everything to me since I ‘grew up in my career’ (now – wow – 25 years ago!) in corporate worlds with older men at the helm. I am grateful for crossing paths with a few female leaders who mentored and encouraged me to be active, thoughtful and ambitious in my career journey. In turn, I have – and continue – to support and empower other women of all ages and phases of life to pursue and do.

“To me, women are amazing humans. I mean just incredible. The sheer capacity a woman has on a daily basis truly makes the world go round. However, there is still quite an imbalance and disparity between genders in several facets of life – economic and workplace – to name a few. Being vocal and expressing a collective female voice is important to me. I have been part of several organizations in support of women’s issues, including Marshall Plans for Moms and, very recently joining the Core Team and building the brand and phase one site experience for We3, the first web-3 focused network for women and non-binary professionals to thrive. We are very much in the infancy phase as we transition into web3 and already ‘women in the web3 workforce’ is nominal compared to men. This must shift. While I certainly find delight, joy and connection in supporting women, I am dedicated to actively being there for others. I often say to peers, clients and family and friends – it takes a tribe of supporters for women (and all people) to thrive….and I want to be part of yours.”

“As a culturally-focused Jewish woman, I felt a shift in my Jewishness when my daughter was born in 2014. Perhaps this kickstarted a more powerful sense of purpose and perspective with my Jewish culture in my day-to-day life – of course, extending to my work ethos. I spent clear time thinking about how I wanted to be as a Jewish mother and how to raise and empower my Jewish daughter. With this spirit, in the last eight years, my work has shifted as I moved away from corporate and into my own creative consultancy. I intentionally apply my core tenets (all stemming from my Jewishness) into my business model and, more importantly to me, into my relationships with my wonderful clients and team members. I can honestly share that I have never been happier and more content in my work life due to applying – and living – these core values daily.”
– Rebecca Orlov

Please join us in honoring Reboot Network member Rebecca Orlov during Women’s History Month.

Rebecca Orlov is the Founder and CEO of Epic Playdate, a creative website design & marketing studio of storytellers, strategists, designers, and all-around good humans. Epic Playdate helps companies to define and then translate their mission and model into compelling and effective visual and audio narratives. Prior to Epic Playdate, Rebecca worked in advertising for 15-years, producing TV commercials and content for global agencies in Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Toyota, Wrigley’s, Hewlett-Packard, PlayStation, Revlon, TGIF, Hyundai, Novartis, DIRECTV, and more. Rebecca actively devotes time to philanthropy and organizations – she is involved with Volunteers in Medicine, founder of the Washington, DC and Las Vegas chapters of SheSays, and is a founding member of the Upside. Born and raised in Washington, DC, Rebecca lived most of her adult life in Los Angeles and New York. She now calls Las Vegas home where she lives with her 8-yr old daughter and rescue pup. Find out more at