Silver Screen Studios presents Dispatches from Quarantine, an interview series for the Zoom generation featuring celebrity interviews, short vignettes and special moments sourced straight from our community of inspiring seniors. From media icon Larry King to legendary actress Ellen Burstyn, Tommy Chong, Carl Reiner, Norman Lear, Marion Ross and more, the series tells the inspiring and uplifting stories of seniors as they navigate shelter-at-home orders and life under quarantine.

We want you to be a part of this unique series too. All we need you to do is call your older loved ones virtually to check in with them, record the interaction (with some prompted questions from us) and send it to us. We’ll edit some of our favorites and share them in a future episode.

Dispatches from Quarantine is a production of Silver Screen Studios, which celebrates the lives and experiences of inspiring seniors through short form digital series and other media. From the legends we love to the everyday Silver Screen stars in our own lives, the platform tells the stories of those living well into their later years to show all of us how to live life fully and to be role models for a great last act of our lives.

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Noam Dromi

Managing Director - Reboot Studios



Tiffany Woolf

PR Pro and Co-Founder of Silver Screen Studios

Tiffany Woolf has over 25 years of PR experience in arts & entertainment, film, and public interest communications, She was on the Dalai Lama’s PR team (yes, even the world’s most enlightened guru needs some promotion from time to time). In 2018, Tiffany partnered with Reboot to launch Silver Screen Studios, a digital platform of shows, featuring interviews with the legends we love from Carl Reiner, Norman Lear, Marion Ross & Larry King to everyday older role models. Tiffany loves to delight in the absurd, loves old people, a good story or joke, kind people and lobster rolls (kosher of course).


Steve Goldbloom

Emmy-nominated Writer, Producer, and Director & Co-Founder of Silver Screen Studios

Steve Goldbloom is an Emmy-nominated writer, producer, and director. His production company Second Peninsula, based in the U.S. and Canada, produces a wide range of unscripted and scripted content. In 2015, he created the weekly series Brief But Spectacular, which broadcasts nationally in the U.S. as part of the PBS NewsHour. The show’s mission is to invite viewers to walk in someone else’s shoes. Now in its fifth season, Steve has interviewed more than 200 guests and earned more than 300 million views. Steve created and starred  in the PBS comedy series Everything But the News (2014). The mockumentary show lampoons both startup culture in the Bay Area and public broadcasting.