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How We Did 10Q in 2018

October 8, 2018

10Q IN 2018

Have you had any particularly spiritual experiences this past year?

For over 70,000 people, the answer to this question is already a definitive “yes.” Last month Reboot led its 11th year of 10Q – our annual reflection project during the ten days of awe. It works like this: 10Q emails participants one question each day over the 10 days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. At the end of the 10 days, participants’ answers to questions are sent into a digital vault. Next year, just before Rosh Hashanah, answers will be sent back to participants and the process begins again. Over time, participants have built an archive of their beliefs, values and experiences. After another year, our digital vault is full of meaningful reflections and intentions for the year ahead:

It’s a simple process with profound results. It forces me to reflect in a way that I don’t often do but wish that I did.
10Q Participant

The 10 questions have remained the same – but this year we have brought new paths of engagement to the project. Here’s what we found for 10Q 2018:

  • Almost 47,000 people received the 10Q questions online.
  • Over 6,600 did 10Q for the first time.
  • Communities around the world hosted over 350 events using 10Q’s DIY tools and resources.
  • 23,000 people engaged with friends, family, classmates and community members at 10Q programs in-person.
10Q offers specific prompts to ponder and reflect on during the holidays, encouraging personal and honest reflection in a fast-paced world.
10Q Community Partner

10Q reached more communities than ever before with 364 events taking place. Reboot hosted 10Q pop-ups using the Renew Postcards in our core cities of New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit and Chicago, including at farmers markets in Brooklyn and Marin, at the Westside JCC and USC Hillel in Los Angeles, and at Shabbat on the Lake in Chicago. We also hosted our annual Tashlique event in San Francisco with over 600 people attending and over a dozen partners collaborating on the event. We worked with partners to help them facilitate 10Q-inspired programming in their communities.

Our partners’ events took place at JCCs, synagogues, Moishe Houses and in public spaces. As well as events being held all over the United States, they also took place in Israel, England, Canada, Australia and Sweden. These programs ranged from intimate discussions to congregation-wide reflection during High Holiday services. Just this year, over 40 Hillels used 10Q to create reflective conversations and experiences on campus.

New this year, we shared widely a beautifully designed reflection journal and 11,000 people received them. Created by Rebecca Bortman, they ask deep questions similar to the 10Q prompts. There were two versions, one for adults and another for families. The family version allowed parents and children to reflect on their year and set goals together.

10Q CP Page (1).png

With another year of 10Q in the books, we hope that you’ll answer day 7’s question of: How would you like to improve yourself and your life next year?, by saying that you’ll join us in 2019 for another year of 10Q.

10Q has become my go-to method for thinking about Rosh Hashanah, the most significant Jewish holiday for me. It serves to focus my thoughts.
10Q Participant

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