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10 Years of 10Q Wrap Up

October 26, 2018

2017 marked the 10th anniversary of 10Q, Reboot’s annual reinterpretation of the High Holidays. By all accounts, this was the biggest 10Q yet. Online and out in communities around the world, we continued 10Q’s tradition of grappling with life’s core questions during the ten days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Thanks to our partners, three times as many people encountered 10Q in 2017 than 2016, with over 23,000 people participating at more than 300 events. Read on to see what was new for 10Q 2017, learn more about how we engaged with our amazing partners, and see some of the awesome content our friends have made (Transparent’s Joey Soloway and The Leftovers‘ Damon Lindelof).

Whether long-time or new 10Qers, the 10Q process was familiar, with users submitting answers to the same questions they received in previous years while reflecting on their past answers. We’ve now had over 60,000 people answer the 10Q questions over 10 years, adding more than 8,600 in 2017 alone. With the proven value of digital reflection, 10Q 2017/5778 proved to be the perfect time to build on the project by creating innovative experiences and debuting exciting new tools for our partners to use in their communities.

Every year I go to Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur services with the 10Q questions written on a sheet of paper. When I get distracted or don’t feel motivated during services I start looking over the questions and thinking through my answers. 10Q has changed the way I interact with spirituality and reflection during the high holy days.
10Q Participant


To celebrate this milestone year, Reboot took 10Q to the streets and launched the 10Q Pop Up, transposing 10Q’s themes of reflection and renewal into physical spaces.

Visitors were invited to write themselves a letter through the newly-designed 10Q Renew Postcard project, a selection of 12 cards of hope and intention for the coming year. Each postcard started with the prompt, “by this time next year, I’ll…” and participants shared what they would stand up for, create, explore or ask in the year ahead. Later in the year, participants will get a lovely surprise package with the cards they filled out and our signature cell phone sleeping bag along with an invitation to join National Day of Unplugging 2018. Across the country, over 3,700 people joined us at 32 10Q reflection booths in both public and private spaces such as museums, markets, JCC’s and Hillels.

I am often very guarded and use humor and cynicism to deflect uncomfortable questions. Having to be honest with myself to get the most out of 10Q has also made me realize that my life can be improved if I am that honest with other people/aspects of my life, even if it is uncomfortable.
10Q Participant


In addition to the pop-up, over 250 community partner organizations participated in 10Q by utilizing our tools and resources. Synagogues, Hillel’s, JCCs and schools incorporated 10Q into their programs and engaged over 20,000 people with 10Q this holiday season. Among the resources we shared with partners was the Renew Postcard that was used at the pop-ups, our 10Q DIY Kit, and the freshly-debuted 10Q reflection journals designed by Rebecca Bortman.

Students report that they see the Holidays as more personally meaningful, rather than just an obligation. They also say that they feel more ownership over their practice and engagement with the holidays.
Hillel Director

Some of our friends joined in the fun, too. Damon Lindelof answered the 10Q questions through the eyes of his characters from The Leftovers. Emmy award-winning creator, writer and director of Transparent and I Love Dick Jill Soloway shared the importance of asking questions during the High Holidays and how they intend to find joy this year. Songwriter and composer Gabriel Kahane took time to share his answer to Question 1 and illustrator Lisa Brown answered Question 5 in a new piece special for 10Q. We were also featured online in places such as the Bullet Journal blog.

We couldn’t be more excited to have started 5778 with 10Q and look forward to seeing everyone again when we open the vault in 12 months!

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