2024 Reboot Board Leadership Update

July 11, 2024

Introducing the New Reboot Board Chair and Vice Chair: Jessy Tolkan and Stacey Reiss

Jessy Tolkan & Stacey Reiss

Reboot is thrilled to introduce Jessy Tolkan as our new board chair, with Stacey Reiss serving as vice chair. Reflecting Reboot’s spirit of invention, during their four year term, Tolkan and Reiss will alternate in the board chair and vice chair positions each year. Jamie Kantrowitz and Brina Milikowsky are transitioning out of their roles as chair and vice-chair respectively after actively leading Reboot through the COVID-19 pandemic and steering the organization through a positive evolution in focus and strategy. They will both remain on the board. 

Tolkan has more than 20 years of experience in the social and corporate sectors. As president and CEO of Drive Agency, she is a seasoned entrepreneur, executive director and social transformation leader. Her drive is to leverage her own personal agency and the collective agency of others to drive positive social impact across the globe. We could not ask for a more mission-aligned person to head our board. On the Reboot Board since 2019, Tolkan has already been instrumental in expanding and solidifying our philanthropic supporters and expanding our resources and impact

“I’m extremely proud and fired up to take on the role of Board President of Reboot,” Tolkan said. “I see this as a pivotal moment to build on the critical role Reboot plays at the intersection of arts, culture, and Jewish Life – and see enormous potential to leverage our network, programming, and convening power in this critical moment for our community.”

Stacey Reiss joined the Reboot board in 2018 in the midst of a strategic plan that shifted the focus of Reboot and launched Reboot Studios. She is on the advisory board of Reboot Studios and has had an important role in shaping its structure and content. During the COVID lockdown, Reiss helped create Reboot’s strategy to leverage the expertise of the Reboot network to stage important public digital conversations in our Reboot Ideas series. Stacey is an Emmy-award winning filmmaker who produces narrative and documentary films. Titles include The Perfection, Spaceship Earth, The Diplomat and The Eagle Huntress, which was shortlisted for an Academy Award and nominated for a BAFTA. 

“Jessy brings her amazing strategic thinking and infectious energy to the board…along with her can-do mentality and her love for Reboot. I am very much looking forward to working with her… and then in a year with Stacey whose experience in film already is so valuable to Reboot and Reboot studios,” Reboot CEO David Katznelson said. “I also want to express a heartfelt thanks to Jamie and Brina for the leadership they have applied during their tenure as chair and co-chair. Reboot has grown so much under their watch.” 

Learn more about Tolkan and Reiss on our board page here

Reboot is grateful to Jamie Kantrowitz and Brina Milikowsky for their active leadership during the past several years, leading Reboot through the COVID-19 pandemic and steering the organization through a positive evolution in focus and strategy. They have overseen the evolution of Reboot’s overall strategy as an organization which includes launching an impactful content studio to empower artists, storytellers and innovators to transform society with inspirational and provocative new Jewish content and support and develop projects in theater, television, film, podcasts, music, publishing and beyond. 

We are grateful to all our board members and are thankful that Kantrowitz and Milikowsky will remain on the board and continue to help with the important work of growing and strengthening the organization.