Queen Esther

Queen Esther has been celebrated throughout time in both art and literature as well annually with the festival of Purim. In the 5th Century BCE the Persian King Ahasuerus, dissatisfied with his wife rids himself of her and then conducts a contest to find his new queen. The winner of said contest, the beautiful and Jewish Esther.

However, this being both 5th Century BCE as with many other times in history Esther is encouraged by her cousin Mordecai not to divulge her religion. Haman, a high-ranking minister has been urging King Ahsuerus to decree a genocide of the Jews and has set the gallows for Mordecai. Esther, with Mordecai’s help turns the tables on Haman, in court intrigue worthy of the greatest Shakespeare, then with the political force of Ashuerus leads the Jews to wage war and conquer Haman’s forces. Haman is hung and Mordecai is given his position.