The Hoshen is a bejeweled rectangular “breast plate” (with twelve multi-colored squares in the center) and worn by the “High Priest of the Israelites.”  It dates back to biblical times and is described in detail in the book of Exodus, each square having a different mineral/jewel for each of the twelve tribes of Israel.  

The Hoshen is an amulet that when worn can atone for not only one person’s sins, but for the sins of an entire community.  There are miniature versions of Hoshens that can fit in a pocket. The Jewish mystic and poet Lionel Ziprin alleged that when a Hoshen is brought in front of the right Rabbi at the right moment during Yom Kippur day, that the Hoshen would light up, and each stone may glow for a few moments. Hoshen is also Hebrew acronym meaning “change” and is the name of the largest LGBT non-profit in Israel.