What are the objects that tell the story of the Holocaust?

January 27, 2022

Illustration by Christopher Noxon

For Holocaust Remembrance Day, we honored those who were killed and we continue to learn from the journey of Holocaust survivors.

The What Would You Bring? project, created by Juliet Simmons with Reboot, invites you to imagine what it might feel like to be in the shoes of a refugee forced to flee your home.When the Nazis forced his family out of their home and into the Budapest Ghetto, 7-year-old John Hajdu took his teddy bear with him. John’s beloved toy accompanied him as he survived Nazi occupation, lived through the Hungarian Revolution in 1956, escaped to Austria and made a new life for himself in London.

Experiencing the journeys of dolls, teacups, teddy bears and more allows us to understand that we all have far more in common than we might have thought.

What Would You Bring? brought to life some of these objects to share the stories of the extraordinary people they belong to. Learning about history helps us to understand today’s world and our own experiences. Find out more about What Would You Bring? here.