Regine Basha – Art of Turning Mission into Reality

March 15, 2022

“The most courageous and inspiring people I know are women….risk-takers, innovators, people who will sacrifice for others, endure great suffering and still maintain compassion and love in any way possible. Women inspire me to be a better human – to love, to accept to forgive and forge ahead!

“(Being a woman in the arts) means never assuming that working in the arts you are automatically engaged with progressive values towards women’s rights and equality. It means making sure these values are enacted upon and not just there to decorate mission statements.”

“As a Jewish Iraqi woman, I try to carry my Jewish ‘baggage’ of history with grace, responsibility and humility. It informs my creativity and humor in ways that help me connect and empathize with other artists working with the scars of trauma and displacement.”
– Regine Basha

Regina Basha Women's History Month featured photo, Regine Basha is the creator of Tuning Baghdad

Please join us in honoring Reboot Network member Regine Basha during Women’s History Month.

Regine Basha is a curator of contemporary, writer, educator and cultural producer. Her archive and story-telling project Tuning Baghdad chronicles the music history of the Iraqi Jews. Find out more at