Jessica Tully – Standing up for the Underdog

March 14, 2022

“I was raised in the radical secular Jewish tradition. A central tenet of which is: ‘always stand up for the underdog.’ That’s what my mom taught me being Jewish meant. I have a Jewish lens, a radicalized Jewish one at that – so when I look at a site or receive a commission, I consider the land, the history, the people. My composite read of psychogeography is gendered and Jewish, and centers womxn’s struggles and joy. Centering womxn uplifts the whole mishpucka.

“As a social practice and conceptual artist, I have always been interested in distributed action and wellness. The idea for the Cell Phone Sleeping Bag for Reboot’s National Day of Unplugging came to me as a contemporary addition to my collection of just three very old Jewish family artifacts. My maternal ancestral line consisted of women-led households who worked on the Sabbath. For some reason, what I still have are things to hide things in. I drew on this history and conceived the idea of hiding one’s cell phone on the Sabbath and find screen-free rest and restoration.”
– Jessica Tully

Jessica Tully Reboot Jewish Women's History Month Profile

Join us in honoring Reboot Network member Jessica Tully during Women’s History Month.

Jessica Tully is an award-winning social practice artist, organizer, and producer. Her media-genic public stunts, speculative housewares, and installation videos remix core themes of the precariat, intersectional feminism, and water as a spiritual technology. Her work has been seen in nine presidential cycles, in major cultural institutions and museums, and at Sabbath tables the world over. In 2010, she created The Cell Phone Sleeping Bag for Reboot’s National Day of Unplugging, prior to that she was a key member of the Rock the Vote staff that invented voter registration online, and served the nationwide rollout of Take Our Daughters To Work Day. For the 2020 presidential election, she was a collaborating artist in #ProjectYourVote, leading the relational aesthetics and distribution of a large-scale projection video in 14 states. Find out more at

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