Evolving Reboot: a Digital Platform for the Modern Jewish World

July 19, 2021

Finally, Reboot has a place where anyone can go for a deep dive into the beautiful work we have done these past 20 years.

Twenty years? Yes, we have blown past the Chai mark, having spent our 19th year locked down like the rest of the world but connecting with more people than ever with our programs and productions. Reboot at 20 – we have much to celebrate.

And so we present to you our brand new website….our “digital platform” that will showcase the great work that we do. A fully digital global platform featuring signature Reboot content programs such as Dawn and 10Q, but also to serve as a leaping off point for online events, a wide variety of arts and media projects like Plastover, an ongoing Reboot Ideas series grappling with the issues of our day and Jewish faith, not to mention our state-of-the-arts podcasts.  And tons of music (What do you expect from an organization run by a music industry vet?).

Where once we were limited by our physical footprints in the metropolises of Los Angeles, New York, Detroit, London and the San Francisco Bay Area, now we are unshackled by space, allowing us to spread our  potpourri of productions that reimagine and reinforce Jewish life and traditions to a larger audiences, expanding our community and continuing to redesign Judaism for this new post-covid reality.

We exist to help foster an evolving Jewish life, galvanizing our Reboot network of creators, artists, entrepreneurs and activists to produce experiences and products that influence the modern Jewish conversation and transform society. And now, with 20 years of offline programming and one catalytic crazy year online, we look to the future with a new website and a new brand and logo that project our ever-evolving nature and our impact on changing Jewish life.

If the past year is any measure of what we can accomplish, we are at the beginning of a generational paradigm shift that will allow us to further develop from high-touch in person communities to global experiences of meaning. A high water mark of our past year was 2020’s  Saturday Night Seder which had more than 2.5 million views and raised $3.5 million for the CDC Foundation’s Coronavirus Emergency Response Fund.

Our Higher Holidays programming was breakthrough as well. In partnership with Hillel we were able to reach 125,000 participants and our Kol Nidre was the most viewed holiday program as reported by the Jewish Insider. And of course our 10Q project delivered again, with 88,000 total users in its 13th year.  But this is not all, for were we to simply be recreating online versions of offline events, we would fall short of our goals for the organization and its constituents.

The vibrant new website will offer a variety of rich content, with new content being added frequently, ranging from our Reboots Ideas  conversations covering complex topics of spirituality and broader explorations like the interrelation of science and ritual to our Reboot Podcasts such as Steve Bodow’s In Quarantine and the humorous battle of Rabbi vs. Comedian in the form of our very own Kasher vs. Kasher, as well as a growing menu of digital series.

Reboot has never had a website that truly lived up to our brand and vision, a place where people can learn what we do and be inspired by it. The creative firepower of our network and its projects are now matched by our ability to host and distribute them – our reach is growing. Our Silver Screen Series, featuring such luminaries as Carl Reiner, Norman Lear and Larry King broke through into the larger news cycle on more than one occasion and gives a glimpse of how our evolved home coupled with intelligent distribution can spread powerful and engaging ideas.

In our first 20 years, we laid the groundwork for what we as a Jewish organization strive for; a community that melds art with creativity to discuss and evolve Jewish identity. With the launch of this website we are now able to bring even greater rigor, scale and impact to all that we do, engaging with our network and beyond to provide digital experiences for a modern Jewish life.