Coming of Age: Detroit

Coming of Age: Detroit – Crossing The Aisle

Episode 3

February 25, 2022

Carl Levin, the late Michigan Senator who represented The Great Lakes State for 37 years until his retirement in 2015, was a big believer in oversight and bipartisanship. A model of leadership and authenticity, he recognized that effective governance required necessary compromise and worked to find common ground with political rivals and the opposing party from the City Council, to the State House to Capitol Hill.

When we interviewed him in early 2020 just before the start of the COVID pandemic (and about 18 months before his death in July 2021), he spoke passionately about his formidable family history and their many generations of public service, the importance of Judaism in his life and his enthusiasm about the bright future that lay ahead for the city of Detroit.

His work and legacy live on in the work of the Levin Center at Wayne Law, whose mission is to build oversight capacity in legislative bodies at all levels to ensure effective governance.


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