Coming of Age: Detroit

Coming of Age: Detroit – Pipe Dreams

Episode 2

February 16, 2022

Joel Katz never thought he’d take over the family business. But when his father Albert Katz (founder of Al’s Plumbing and Heating Company) got injured, Joel applied his business acumen to ensuring the company continued to thrive. In this episode of the award winning digital series Coming of Age from Silver Screen Studios and Reboot, Joel shares memories about the civil disturbances in Detroit during the late 1960s, the experience of being an observant Jew in the midst of his military service in Vietnam and loving his kids even when they annoy him.

Joel Katz is a Master Plumber, established gardener, and Master Zaydie. He is a Vietnam Veteran and has owned a plumbing business in Detroit for more than 50 years. 


Noam Dromi

Managing Director - Reboot Studios



Tiffany Woolf

PR Pro and Co-Founder of Silver Screen Studios

Tiffany Woolf has over 25 years of PR experience in arts & entertainment, film, and public interest communications, She was on the Dalai Lama’s PR team (yes, even the world’s most enlightened guru needs some promotion from time to time). In 2018, Tiffany partnered with Reboot to launch Silver Screen Studios, a digital platform of shows, featuring interviews with the legends we love from Carl Reiner, Norman Lear, Marion Ross & Larry King to everyday older role models. Tiffany loves to delight in the absurd, loves old people, a good story or joke, kind people and lobster rolls (kosher of course).