Aviva Rubin – Providing Space for Society to Learn, Question, Explore

March 31, 2022

“My Judaism has always given me a source of social and moral justice. When I studied architecture, I realized I wanted to be an architect that affected social change. That is a tall order in a service providing field that relies heavily on capital, so it, over the years, brought me to work with art. Art provides a space for society to learn, question, explore, and discover new ways of engaging with the world and with ourselves. I would like to always ensure that I am supporting that space, in all of my work. The field of architecture (though I more often work as an exhibition designer nowadays) is a surprisingly gendered one. As a woman in this profession, you have to negotiate what kind of woman you want to present as and how to make your own kind of space. Womxn provide a strong emotional, intellectual, interpersonal, and supportive network that I have relied on and valued my whole life.”
– Aviva Rubin

Join us in honoring Reboot Network member Aviva Rubin during Women’s History Month.

Aviva Rubin, NCARB, RA, LEED AP, works in multiple realms of architecture – design, curation, education, and research. As a former Exhibition Designer at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, she now runs her own practice, Studio Aviva Rubin, designing exhibitions and installations as well as developing several curatorial projects, alongside her architecture and exhibition design work at Mark Grotjahn Studios. She has also previously practiced architecture at Lynch/Eisinger/Design in New York, curatorial in the Architecture + Design department at SFMOMA, and taught at Harvard’s Career Discovery and Boston Architectural College. Beyond architecture, Aviva sits on the board of the Octavia Project, which teaches girls and non-binary youth STEAM principles through the subject of science fiction and was an Aspen Ideas Fest Scholar, focusing on the arts and social justice, and an architect-in-residence at Art Omi. She also teaches architecture at Woodbury University. With a Bachelor of Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University and a Master in Design Studies from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, her practice and research aim to bring together the human-scale experience of space with the speculative, political, and urban.

Featured Image: Sukkah City Gathering

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