Legacy Project

Weekly Unscrolled Torah Portion: Tzav

March 18, 2022

“I think of stopping, but I have been assigned to write about this passage, and I am at my core the dutiful oldest daughter of a rabbi, a follower of directions. So I begin again, and that is when I notice him—a kindred responsible older sibling. It is Aaron, the brother called in to speak to Pharaoh for Moses, the one left to deal with a bunch of complaining Israelites when his younger sibling climbed up a mountain for forty days.”


Rachel Levin is the president of Fundamental, a boutique philanthropy consulting firm that works with individuals, families and foundations to increase their impact on the issues they care about most. As part of this work, Rachel manages Steven Spielberg’s Righteous Persons Foundation, along with grant portfolios on a range of issues, including arts education, economic development, food policy, and Israeli democracy (one can only hope!).

Featured Image: Unscrolled Book