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Weekly Unscrolled Torah Portion: Mattot- Masei

July 28, 2022

In Mattot, Gabe Delahaye writes about how his roommate (aka God) who takes promises seriously. Delahaye states in his commentary that whether you believe in a higher power or not, our ending is all the same- we die- a promise we have all made to the world and one that will be kept so “if you say you are going to do something, you better damn well do it”.


In Masei, Rebecca Garza Bortman designs an infographic depicting the towns assigned to the Levites.


Gabe Delahaye is a writer and comedian living in New York. He’s the Senior Editor of, the host of a monthly comedy show called Mr. Coconuts, and sometimes makes videos with his friend Max. 

Rebecca Garza Bortman is a designer, living in San Francisco and working at a small start-up called Snapguide. Before that, she led design on YouTube’s first major visual refresh in the site’s seven-year history. She is the art director for The Disposable Film Festival and fronts the punk band, Happy Fangs. 

Featured Image: Unscrolled Book