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Weekly Unscrolled Torah Portion: B’hukkotai

May 26, 2022

This week’s Unscrolled is illustrated by writer and illustrator Christopher Noxon which shows the story of Gomer and Gazzan.


Christopher Noxon is a writer and illustrator whose work has appeared in the New Yorker, the Atlantic and Salon. In 2021 his artwork appears in the book “Can We Talk About Israel: A Guide for the Curious, Confused and Conflicted,” by fellow Rebootnik Daniel Sokatch. Noxon is the author of the illustrated “Good Trouble: Lessons from the Civil Rights Playbook,” the novel “Plus One,” and the nonfiction “Rejuvenile: Kickball, Cartoons, Cupcakes and the Reinvention of the American Grown Up.”

Featured Image: Unscrolled Book