Unpacking Thanksgiving on Tongva Land: A Tikkun

Reboot is partnering with IKAR to bring you an all-ages opportunity to learn with a dynamic panel of Indigenous people of the Los Angeles/Tovangaar region and reflect on what our cultures teach us about our relationship to the land and to one another in this sabbatical/shmita year.

The event will be led by Tongva artists and activists and Navajo and Jewish organizers who are making healing and repair more possible with the land and one another while building deeper connections between our communities.

Th event will feature the Tovaangar episode of City of Ghosts, an animated show that features one of the guests. After the screening, there will be a Q and A with the guests for kids and adults and learn about ways we can all get involved in creating more Jewish and Indigenous connection as we consider our place in this land and among its people.

There will be a supervised hands-on activity for kids to learn about Tongva arts.

Presented by IKAR, Nefesh, FromSoil2Soul, Shmita Hives, Bend the Arc SoCal, Reboot, Beth Shir Shalom, Beth Chayim Chadashim, Temple Israel of Hollywood.