Tiffany Woolf – Telling the Stories of Generations

March 7, 2022

“As we watch our world facing even more incomprehensible atrocities, antisemitism and heartache right now, I’m constantly reminded of the great privilege and responsibility I have to be a Jewish Woman. I recently found out that my grandmother was quietly and courageously doing her part to help family members escape Nazi occupation in Eastern Europe. I think of all the untold stories of Jewish women that fought for our ancestors and who are the reason why we are all here today. With my work at Silver Screen Studios, I honor the many beautifully brave and courageous women that have lived through the unimaginable, standing tall and proud and who have allowed me to tell their stories for generations to come.”
– Tiffany Woolf

Join us in honoring Reboot Network member Tiffany Woolf during Women’s History Month.


Tiffany Woolf has more than 25 years of PR experience in arts and entertainment, film, and public interest communications. She was on the Dalai Lama’s PR team (yes, even the world’s most enlightened guru needs some promotion from time to time). In 2018, Woolf partnered with Reboot to launch Silver Screen Studios, a digital platform of short documentary films featuring interviews with the legends we love from Carl Reiner, Norman Lear, Marion Ross and Larry King to everyday older role models. See the films here.