Threshing Floor

May 31, 2021

An experimental video piece obliquely inspired by the Book of Ruth, to accompany the upcoming release of THRESHING FLOOR’s experimental musical noise collaboration born at last year’s DAWN.

Learn more, download a digital version, and buy the LP here!

Video By Rebecca Odes

Sounds by Alan Light, Gretchen Gonzales Davidson, John Olson, Nate Young, Rebecca Odes, and Warren Defever.

This piece was originally screened as a part of DAWN. DAWN is Reboot’s all-night culture and arts festival celebrating the Jewish calendar’s best-kept secret – Shavuot. DAWN offered 36 hours of music, film, comedy, dance, food and teaching across multiple channels. Reboot produced this year’s “choose-your-own” experiential adventure in partnership with the Jewish Emergent Network and LABA’s Into the Night Tikkun Layle Shavuot.


Gretchen Gonzales Davidson

Reboot Board Member

Gretchen Gonzales Davidson grew up in Flint, MI. She graduated from Michigan State University with a dual-degree in Anthropology and Environmental Policy. She moved to Detroit in 1998 as a musician, where she played in numerous bands. Gretchen has an event production company and serves on numerous boards including Detroit Children’s Fund, Michigan Council of Arts and Cultural Affairs, Cranbrook Academy of Art, and CultureLab Detroit. She has three boys with her husband Ethan.



Rebecca Odes

Multimedia Artist and Writer

Rebecca Odes is a multimedia artist and writer. She is an author and illustrator of four books about life stages and personal identity and the cofounder of gurl.com, wifey.tv, and most recently, thecherrypicks.com.