Give Light

The Light Within

Episode 3

December 12, 2020


Laura Earle


Laura Earle’s work explores interactivity – how the attitude and shape of an exhibit or an artwork sculpts our internal and external space, and how our internal space shapes our attitudes and actions. She makes exhibits and artwork that invite people into a larger narrative, to consider pivot points. Earle is interested in how art starts a conversation and becomes a catalyst for building community and shifting meaning. These sculpted conversations focus on social justice issues such as gender equality (Dear Womanhouse), racial equality (Unraveling Racism: Seeing White) and reversing global warming (Drawdown).


Olivia Guterson

Interdisciplinary Artist

Olivia Guterson is an interdisciplinary artist, born in Gallup, New Mexico and based in Detroit, Michigan. She is deeply influenced by the textures, landscapes, and patterns of her upbringing in the Southwest, as well as her Jewish and African heritage.She works predominantly in black and white for its stability, intensity, and honesty while incorporating ancestral patterns and narratives.Olivia studied at Evergreen State College, Washington State. In 2020, she curated her first exhibition,The Space Between at the Ann Arbor Art Center. She is currently a resident at Sibyls Shrine and AS220’s Practice//Practice. Private and public collections of her works can be found: Detroit Art Collection at the Library Street Collective; Shinola Hotel; ROI in Jerusalem, Israel. Her work has been shown at the Arab American National Museum, Art Week Miami, JADA Art Fair, Norwest Gallery, Detroit Artist Market, Ann Arbor Art Center, and more.