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Remembering Carl Reiner

July 1, 2020

We are deeply saddened by the death of the legendary comedian Carl Reiner. Reiner’s final public appearance was during DAWN, where he offered an 11th commandment he lived by, “Thou shalt not hurt anyone.”  The 11th commandment was part of a longer interview through our Silver Screen Studios project, Dispatches From Quarantine. While his good health and demeanor did not foretell his passing, during the interview, he reflected on mortality, faith and god, as well as telling some amazing jokes.

Our interview allowed the world to get a final look into the life of an extraordinary and kind man and was shared broadly through Variety, Time Magazine, Vanity Fair, the Los Angeles Times and many more.

Dispatches from Quarantine is an irreverent and entertaining look into the lives of the older legends we love, capturing oral history from celebrities such as Reiner along with Larry King, Ellen Burstyn, Norman Lear and Tommy Chong, as they make their way through these strange times.

Reiner’s passing was a reminder of the importance of capturing these stories from our elders. And in the words of the project founder, Tiffany Woolf, “In honor of Mr. Reiner, call your mother, your father, your bubbes and zadies, talk to them, record them and perhaps share a really good Borscht Belt joke to honor this true comedic legend.”

May his memory be a blessing.