Jessie Kahnweiler – Woman with Chutzpah and Levity

March 7, 2022

“Being a Jewish woman is my work. And while the pay could be better and the stomach issues are aplenty, I feel very #blessed to be able to move through this world as Jewish woman with all the chutzpah and levity that has been passed down and instilled in me. Being able to laugh through the pain is a Jewish superpower.”
– Jessie Kahnweiler

She said that all her work intersects women’s issues. See some here:

He’s the One

A girl meets guy and falls head over heels, but a shocking discovery forces her to question everything. A dark comedy about falling in love with the one person you’re supposed to hate.


A girl at a silent meditation retreat is getting strange vibes, but is it all in her head?

Kahnweiler is also the creator of the podcast Closening with Jessie Kahnweiler, which was produced by Reboot. Listen here. 

Closening with Jessie Kahnweiler


Please join us in honoring Reboot Network member Jessie Kahnweiler during Women’s History Month.

Jessie Kahnweiler‘s films have been featured everywhere from the New York Times to the Cannes Film Festival. Jessie wrote, directed, and starred in ‘The Skinny’, a dark comedic series based on her 10-year relationship with bulimia. ‘The Skinny’ was produced by Joey Soloway, Paul Young, and Refinery29. It premiered at Sundance and won a Webby for best series. Jessie also developed ‘Viagra Diaries’ for CW, ‘Bump’ for ABC Digital, and staffed on ‘Skam AUSTIN’ for Facebook Watch.  Fox Digital commissioned Jessie to write and direct the comedic thriller Retreat which premiered on Hulu in 2020. Most recently, Jessie’s short film, ‘He’s The One,’ premiered at Sundance. She is also developing a TV series about Jewish Polish teenagers during Hitler’s rise to power with Counterbalance and Sony. She lives in LA with her plants. Find out more about her at