Jenn Maer – Squeaky Wheel in the Room

March 14, 2022

“Being a woman in innovation and design means I’m often the only woman’s voice in a conference room full of men. From the tiniest choices on a project (like, who are we going to interview for this?) to the biggest decisions at a company (like, which product should we launch?) I’m a squeaky little wheel, constantly reminding guys in ties that there’s another way to experience the world.” – Jenn Maer

Jenn Maer Reboot Women's History Month

Please join us in honoring Reboot Network member Jenn Maer during Women’s History Month.

Jenn Maer is the founder of Harmonic 55 and an IDEO alum. She helps companies and organizations hatch new brands, hone and express their existing brands, and on exceptionally good days, create positive change in the world. Maer helped to bring brand strategies to life through physical spaces, products, web sites, systems, experiences, apps, communications, and musical numbers. She is happiest when she’s creating things that bypass the brain’s radar and go straight to the heart. She also teaches IDEO U’s course, Storytelling for Impact.