It’s All Relative Trailer

January 3, 2023

It’s All Relative: A Family Matters Reflection and Response Space
Presented by The Contemporary Jewish Museum (The CJM), Reboot, and Silver Screen Studios in conjunction with Gillian Laub: Family Matters
San Francisco
Oct 13, 2022–Apr 9, 2023

Share your family stories with us! Reboot and Tiffany Woolf’s Silver Screen Studios are partnering with the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco around Reboot Network member Gillian Laub’s new photo exhibition Family Matters. The project offers a space for people to reflect on family – biological or chosen – and how our connections with loved ones influence our lives. You can participate in person or from afar.

Many complex feelings surface when we think about family. The Family Matters photo exhibition by Laub gets to the core of a wide range of these feelings. The exhibition presents a vulnerable window into the artist’s family during times of joy, rupture, and repair, resulting in moments of deep self reflection for the artist. By sharing her point of view, she also invites us to reflect on our own relationships with our loved ones. While the Laub family story may or may not resemble your own, all family relationships are complicated and valuable.

In collaboration with the Family Matters exhibit, Reboot and Silver Screens Studios (created by Reboot Network member Tiffany Woolf) are presenting It’s All Relative: A Family Matters Reflection and Response Space in The CJM’s Yud Gallery. We invite you to respond to two prompts inspired by Family Matters. Record your response at recording booths in The CJM’s Yud Gallery or respond in your own time by emailing a short video (maximum length two minutes) to You can also share it with us by posting your video with #FamilyMattersProject on Instagram and tagging @jewseum and @rebootjewish or by tagging @jewseum and @Reboot on Twitter. Select submissions will be featured at The Museum!

Prompt #1: Rituals reconnected Gillian’s family. Share a family tradition that is meaningful to you or that you wish to create.

Prompt #2: When reflecting on your own family dynamics, which elements of this exhibition impacted you and why?

You can see our first submission reel here!