How a Plague Inspired a Star-Studded Seder

December 24, 2020

As the country and world went into COVID quarantine and we all desperately needed a new way of connecting, Reboot helped to bring millions of Jews worldwide together through the star-studded Saturday Night Seder with Reboot Board Member Benj Pasek. Being engaged as an executive producer in the once-in-a-lifetime streaming Passover show was one of many ways Reboot reimagined, reinvented and reinforced Jewish culture and ritual to be a shining light in these dark times.

As the premier Jewish arts and culture non-profit, Reboot will continue to redesign the Jewish future, evolving it in new ways to meet the moment. A gift of $36 or more from you is more important than ever to empower Reboot to invest in programs and artists for the year to come. Find out more about Reboot below and enjoy Next Year, the song which closed Saturday Night Seder and resonates as we look forward to 2021.

By going online, we have been able to reach a broader audience than with physical events.

  • DAWN, our all-night Shavuot celebration, was shared with a worldwide community and reached more than 30,000 viewers. Check out our highlight reel.

  • Silver Screen Studios’ newest production, Dispatches from Quarantine, captured beloved comedian Carl Reiner’s final interview before he passed at age 98.

  • Higher Holidays, our collaboration with Hillel International to reinvent the new year, had more than 800,000 social media impressions.

  • 10Q, our annual online reflection portal for the High Holidays has now had over 75,000 people participate since its founding.

  • With our Ideas Festival canceled because of COVID, we created Reboot Ideas, a series of six public digital programs to amplify vital ideas and bring in wider perspectives.

These are just a few examples of how the Reboot community came together to create inspiring and enriching content for the Jewish community and beyond at a time when that connection was desperately needed. As a non-profit organization, we need your support to continue and sustain this work. Your generous gift will help Reboot to incubate projects as we catalyze new ways to connect through Jewish tradition and wisdom in this unique moment. 

Shalom. Peace. Health.

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David Katznelson