Highlights of Chanukah

November 29, 2021

Highlights of Chanukah memories from across the country and through generations are featured in a new music video from Reboot in celebration of their new Chanukah record A Great Miracle: Jeremiah Lockwood’s Guitar Soli Chanukah Record. In the video, Lockwood is playing the album track “Ritual.”

The video features vintage photographs spanning the 1920s-1990s, gathered from vernacular collections, garage and estate sales, press archives, personal and family collections, and Jewish Community Centers photo archives that represent modern celebrations of Chanukah. Special thanks to curator Maya Benton for collecting this treasure of photographs. Check out our special video of Detroit community Chanukah memories.

The new album is a beautiful solo guitar tribute to the holiday that is sure to become a standard in holiday lexicon. With heartfelt appreciation of the 1968 classic The New Possibility: John Fahey’s Guitar Soli Christmas Record, Lockwood has sweetly crafted eight songs, one for each night of Chanukah, to celebrate the dancing candlelight with his new, blues-inspired takes on the most beloved melodies of the holiday’s canon. From the prayers for lighting the candles to the kids’ songs that are sung around the burning menorah, Lockwood paints the light through the darkness with his instrumental creations.

Learn more about the album here.


Jeremiah Lockwood


Jeremiah Lockwood is a scholar and a storyteller; a singer, guitarist and composer with an expansive knowledge of musical traditions and techniques that stretch from the Piedmont blues to the cantorial synagogues of his youth. His work engages with issues arising from peering into the archive and imagining the power of “lost” forms of expression to articulate keenly felt needs in the present. As noted above, his music career began with over a decade of apprenticeship to Carolina Slim, playing in the subways of New York City, and he also trained under his grandfather Cantor Jacob Konigsberg. Lockwood’s band, the Sway Machinery, seeks inspiration from diverse realms of experience related to the cultural geography of New York City. Lockwood received his PhD from the Stanford University Graduate School of Education Concentration in Jewish Studies in 2021.