GQ: How Do You Market Anne Frank to Gen Z?

June 30, 2023

How Do You Market Anne Frank to Gen Z? GQ’s Sarah Seltzer talks to writer-director Mickey Rapkin about that provocative question posed in his new short film, The Anne Frank Gift Shop.

“Anne Frank is (once again) having a moment, with the debut of the Hulu series A Small Light, about the Dutch friends who tried to save the Frank family; My Friend Anne Frank, a new memoir from Anne’s childhood neighbor; and, in a recent episode of the raunchy comedy Dave (also on Hulu), a hallucinatory sequence featuring the show’s star encountering the teenage diarist, the most famous victim of Hitler’s genocidal regime.

“If you think Anne being portrayed on a sitcom—or simply being described as ‘having a moment’—is shocking or inappropriate, the writer and filmmaker Mickey Rapkin wants you to reexamine your reaction.” Seltzer writes in GQ.

“The jokes will not be for everybody, but even that will spark conversation,” Rapkin tells GQ. Read the full interview with Rapkin in GQ here and learn more about the film, produced with Reboot Studios, here.

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